2022 Club Singles

After a two year hiatus, we held our Club Singles competition day on Saturday. There were 14 entrants in what was, to start with anway, a pretty chilly grey old day.
The morning session was, as always a group stage. With 14 players, we inevitably had some numerically unbalanced groups, but everyone got 3 games in on what were, at times, pretty crowded terrains.
After lunch, the top 8 played in a knockout competition for the main trophy, while the less successful 6 played off for the honour of winning the Plate.
After some really good play, and some very tense matches, the main Trophy final was contested by Ash Patel and Mike Azzopardi and saw some excellent play, and a marvellous recovery by Ash to win 13-11. The Plate final was between Richard Scrimshaw and Gary Greenman (who have been doubles partner for the last few years) with Richard winning by 13-8. This completed a remarkable turn around as Richard had lost all 3 of his matches in the morning, yet won all 3 in the afternoon.

Well done to John Desbottes, who organised the day, President Linda for rustling a pretend plate (most amusing) and everyone who haelped the day go very smoothly.

The complete scoresheet can be found on our 2022 Competition Results page here.

Here are some photos from the day.