CPC London Cup Team 2020

An excellent 2nd place at the London Cup!

The Croydon team of Linda Greenwood, John Desbottes, Steve Gorman, Gary Greenman, Robin Reid, and Richard Scrimshaw finished as runners up in the London Cup yesterday, September 13th. Our final score was 31 points out of a maximum of 45.

We won 4 out of the 5 matches, losing just 2 games – the doubles against Parliament Hill and the singles against London-2. We gained clean sweeps against both Islington and Wandsworth, helped in no small part by the slightly intimidating effect of everyone wearing club shirts – we would certainly have won the award for best turned out team! I feel it’s only right to mention that our victories included fannying the Islington triple.
Sadly, in our match against London-1 (the eventual winners) we lost all 3 games, but we can draw a discreet veil over our only disappointment of the day.

Afterwards, the team retired to pub, for a well deserved pint or 2 (or so), the day having turned out to be the warm side of pleasant.

Our thanks to Tony Greenwood, who turned out to support the side, and took the team shots you see here.

A fuller report will follow, once the organisers have published the final scores.