Covid Cup Report

16 members of CPC got together yesterday (Sunday) to play a socially distanced, but very enjoyable and competitive “Covid Cup” Drawn Pairs event at Ashburton Park.

The pistes had been set up with 2 very wide lanes on each, giving plenty of room for players in each game. For extra safety, games in each group were restricted to 2 specified lanes.

Morning round-robin

We kicked off with 3 timed (45 minute) matches in a round-robin, for which the results were:

Group A

Team ADavid Poole & Tony Webb
Team BSteve Fort & Linda Greenwood
Team CDavid Page & Cecily Webb
Team DJo Grimaldi & Gary Greenman
A v B – 2-13C v D – 10-10
(Match timed out)
A v D – 7-13B v C – 13-11
B v D – 1-13A v C – 13-4
1stTeam D2-1-0 36-18 (+18)
2ndTeam B2-0-1 27-26 (+1)
3rdTeam A1-0-2 22-30 (-8)
4thTeam C0-1-2 25-36 (-11)

Group B

Team ERobin Reid & Richard Scrimshaw
Team FAsh Patel & Tony Greenwood
Team GJohn Desbottes & Sarah Grimaldi
Team HDavid Randall & Brian Seaward
E v F – 13-2G v H – 13-1
E v H – 10-13F v G – 13-6
F v H – 13-8E v G – 13-6
1stTeam E2-0-1 36-21 (+15)
2ndTeam F2-0-1 28-27 (+1)
3rdTeam G1-0-2 25-27 (-2)
4thTeam H1-0-2 22-36 (-14)

Afternoon Knock-out Phase

After lunch, we moved on to a knock-out phase, where the top 2 in each group played for the Cup and Plate, while the bottom 2 in each group played for the Bowl and Spoon. The results were:

Semi-FinalsJo & Gary bt
Ash & Tony G
Steve & Linda bt
Robin & Richard
Cup FinalJo & Gary bt
Steve & Linda
Plate FinalRobin & Richard bt
Ash & Tony G
Semi-FinalsDavid R & Brian bt
David Poole & Tony W
David Page & Cecily bt
John & Sarah
Bowl FinalDavid R & Brian bt
David Page & Cecily
Spoon FinalDavid Poole & Tony W bt
John & Sarah

Final Result

The final order was therefore:

1st (Cup Winners) Jo Grimaldi & Gary Greenman
2nd Steve Fort & Linda Greenwood
3rd (Plate Winners) Robin Reid & Richard Scrimshaw
4th Ash Patel & Tony Greenwood
5th (Bowl Winners) David Randall & Brian Seaward
6th David Page & Cecily Webb
7th (Spoon Winners) David Poole & Tony Webb
8th John Desbottes & sarah Grimaldi

A big fat “well done” to John for the organisation of the event, to both him and David R for preparing the pistes, which played very well, and a very warm “welcome back” to former President Brian Seaward who came up from the Kent coast especially for the event.