Past Members Memorial Cup Report

Yesterday saw us play the second of this season’s all-day competitions and, this time, the rain stayed away and conditions were almost perfect.

We even took the opportunity to use our brand new gazebo.

We had a good turnout of 18 players, which allowed us to run a format based on 6 triples, with everyone playing 5 matches. The final result was in doubt right up to the finish, with 1 match in session 5 involving 4 players who went into it with 3 wins.

When the dust cleared, the top 4 players all had 4 wins, with the winner being President Linda Greenwood, who presented the prizes to 3rd and 2nd, and then to herself.

Winner with +31 was President Linda Greenwood

Runner up with +27 was David Page

3rd with +25 was John Desbottes

We also held a raffle, with 27 prizes donated by members which, along with our usual policy for this event of inviting donations instead of a set entry fee saw us raise £220 for charity.